These Evi Antique Bronze Decorative Planters come in two distinct, but complimentary designs, Squat or Teardrop shaped . Each item is bronze finished ceramic and textured finish combine to deliver a highly desirable piece that we are sure that you will love. 


Whilst each piece look fantastic seperately they are designed to be deplayed as a pair, so we give you a saving for buying both designs at the same time.


Sizes - Squat design:

  • Height: 16 cm

  • Width: 29 cm

Sizes - Teardrop deign:

  • Height: 18 cm

  • Width: 20 cm


IMPORTANT: Plants and soil not included. These are suitable for real flower plantings or would look fabulous when combined with part our collection of artifical blooms.


FREE! Delivery when you purchase both Planters

Evi Antique Bronze Decorative Planters

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